Ultra-Efficient Solar Energy Solutions

Gain 40-60% more energy annually by choosing our highly advanced solar tracking system. Explore all the financing models including PPA for our turnkey solar power systems.
The solar power plant turnkey delivery is a service model in which the commissioning of the solar power plant is easy for the customer. That comes as a result of us taking care of all the planning and details, due dilligence as well as support issues for commissioning. Best of all, it immediately starts producing environmentally clean energy.

Sunera Solar Energy Solutions

Our turnkey solar systems provide the highest production efficiency. Many unused surfaces like roofs and walls can be transformed into solar energy production areas due to our self-developed solar tracking system.

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Sunera LED Lighting Solutions

Latest technology in industrial LED lighting solutions. Carefully selected LED lights that last. Cost-competitiveness is the key.

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Sunera Services Solutions

Our services vary from financing solutions incuding innovatiove models such as PPA to on site inspections and installations of power plants, LED lighting systems, real time simulations, following the ISO, CE and SFS safety installation regulations and standards.

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Carefully Designed and Engineered range of Industrial LED lights to provide the highest light quality and efficiency with products reaching up to 195 lumens/watt and saving up to 70% electricity colluding with our smart Light usage solution. We use the world brand LED suppliers such as Pillips, Cree, Samsung to ensure the highest quality in the market. We also ensure the highest cost competitveness in the market. Take a look to our best selections.

Ultra-Efficiency in Solar Energy Production and Led Energy Usage

40-60 % higher production efficiency and energy saving solutions.

We care about environment! We produce better energy and save it more!