Unique Solar Plant

The Sunera Systems photovoltaic system easily converts unused roof, wall or ground areas into photovoltaic production areas. The photovoltaic system efficiently produces renewable, emission-free and locally produced domestic electricity.

We tailor a solar power plant to support your needs, taking into account the need for electricity during the season, the location of the building, possible shading and operational reliability as well as different loads.

A solar power plant placed on a roof, wall or ground is an efficient and effortless way to generate electricity. We are building a solar power plant utilizing the latest technology and components as well as domestic innovation to follow the sun intelligently during the day.

Each solar panel in a solar power plant equipped with a monitoring system is its own production unit. Each panel is controlled by a monitoring system, a power optimizer and an AC rectifier. A tracking system is an intelligent unit that detects the sun and tracks it from sunrise to sunset. The monitoring system will achieve
40-60 % additional yield compared to fixed panel installation. The production of the solar power plant is controlled by automation, which enables the monitoring and management of the power plant remotely.


This is a service model in which the commissioning of a photovoltaic system is easy for the customer, because we take care of all the planning as well as support issues for commissioning. Best of all, it immediately starts producing clean energy while being an efficient and safe way to generate electricity.


This is a service model where you can use all the benefits of solar electricity without investing costs. This is a quick and risk-free way to get caught up in photovoltaics, as well as to reap the benefits of renewable energy. In addition, you protect your electricity supply during the contract period and this brings predictability to your organization in electricity procurement costs.